Candidates for Corneal Reshaping Therapy - Orthokeratology

Corneal reshaping therapy is a very popular non-surgical corrective eye treatment that is transforming the lives of countless patients across the country. Unlike laser vision correction, which requires a significant healing period and permanently alters patient vision, corneal reshaping therapy is entirely non-invasive and if you choose to discontinue the treatment, your eyesight will return to how it was before within just a few days. You may also hear of this treatment referred to as orthokeratology or ortho-k for short. 


How Does Corneal Reshaping/Orthokeratology Work?


Orthokeratology uses an innovative new style of bespoke contact lens that is specifically designed to be worn overnight in order to correct myopia and other refractive eye errors. Whilst you sleep, then gentle pressure that they place onto the cornea, along with your natural tear film, will reshape the cornea into more standardized shape, enabling patients to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses once they remove the lenses the next morning. The improvement in patient vision is progressive, and the more frequently the lenses are worn as directed, the longer patients will be able to see clearly without using any visual aids. Should you wish to stop your treatment at any point, it is as simple as stopping wearing the orthokeratology contact lenses. If you have been using orthokeratology for a while, it may take several days for your vision to revert to how it was previously. 


In addition to making it possible for people to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses, orthokeratology has also been proven to be successful in slowing down the progression of myopia. This is important since it could reduce the likelihood of experiencing complications and conditions associated with severe myopia in the future.


Unlike other contact lenses, orthokeratology lenses are designed to be worn overnight without causing any adverse effects for the patient. This is because they are made from gas-permeable material that allows for sufficient oxygen to reach the eyes whilst you sleep, preventing them from drying out. 


Am I a Candidate for Corneal Reshaping Therapy/Orthokeratology?


Corneal reshaping therapy is a non-surgical treatment which makes it for a wider range of patients than laser vision correction. It is even being used in children as young as 8 to help slow the progression of childhood myopia. You will need to attend an appointment for a consultation to determine if orthokeratology is a suitable treatment for you. Typically, patients who are considered to be good candidates meet the following requirements:


  • Mild to moderate refractive eye errors including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism

  • Stable vision with no prescription changes in the last 12 months

  • Healthy eyes with no diseases or ongoing issues


Orthokeratology is particularly beneficial for patients who find it difficult to wear glasses or contact lenses at work or in their recreational pursuits, and for patients who aren’t considered good candidates for laser vision correction. 



If you would like to discover more about corneal reshaping therapy/orthokeratology, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate for this innovative new treatment, please contact our eye clinic in Seymour, IN.