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I can’t say enough about my family's experience with Seymour Eye Clinic! I have taken all 5 children and now my 3 grandchildren there since the 1990s, and even though my children were on Medicaid they were NEVER treated any different than any other patients there!!! And to me, that means EVERYTHING to know such caring professionals that make you and especially your children feel welcome and safe and always made us smile

Thank You For All The Years You Have Served Our Community!!


I love my new glasses! As usual, I am very happy with your services!


Love the new glasses. You guys are the best in town!


I love both of my new glasses. I am very impressed with them. The sun glasses are amazing.


The CRT program has been Awesome! I was seeing clearly after the first night, and have continued to see much more clearly than with my soft contacts. The care and routine is easy. I would highly recommend to anyone.


I appreciate that Dr. Frische is current with innovative techniques such as Paragon CRT. Our children’s vision was regressing and the vision therapy has halted that regression. Paragon CRT vision therapy also allows them to be active in sports without the daily wear of glasses. I would recommend the Paragon CRT therapy to any eligible patients.


My family and friends laughed when I told them I was getting “magic contacts”.
They said, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well after one night guess who was seeing 20/20? Me !


I absolutely love it! WOW, wish I would have had it 5 years ago. I was seeing again without any glasses or contact lenses. No more trying to remember where I placed my glasses. I would recommend them to anyone who’s “arms are not long enough.”
Thanks again, Dr. Frische !!!


My daughter Megan is so happy with not wearing glasses. At first, she was nervous about putting them in and taking them out, since this was the first time she ever wore contacts. The first few days she had some problems putting them in and taking them out But now she is a pro at it. She told me she actually could see better than she did when she wore glasses.
My husband and I are glad we did this for our daughter. We both wore glasses most of our lives and hope our daughter will not have to. Doing this program she won’t have to.


My 9 year old daughter that uses CRT lenses. She says “they are easy to put in” and that she doesn’t have to wear glasses now. It makes it easier to play sports. ​​​​​​​


I like not having to wear glasses or contacts during the day. I don’t have to worry about the irritation of all day contacts with my dry eyes. It’s awesome to wear contacts for a few hours while I sleep and wake up with perfect vision. ​​​​​​​


Less than a year ago, my son couldn’t see well at all without his glasses. My son read the material at our eye doctor pertaining to the CRT lens program. We asked about it and were told he was a perfect candidate for the program. It has truly been a blessing! He doesn’t have to worry about wearing contact lenses during the day or eyeglasses. It’s a perfect fit for his busy life. The most wonderful part is that he now has 20/20 vision. Thank You, Dr. Frische and staff. ​​​​​​​


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