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What Happens in a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are a great option for many people who need prescription lenses to see clearly, but who dislike the look of glasses or find them inconvenient to wear. When you choose to use glasses, you may find that you are unable to wear them when participating in certain activities, such as swimming or playing contact sports. You may also become frustrated with having to remember to take them with you if you go out anywhere. Meanwhile, contact lenses offer patients much more flexibility with their vision since they can be placed in and left it all day long, they don’t interfere with your appearance, and patients can enjoy a wider range of activities while wearing them. 

Candidates for Corneal Reshaping Therapy - Orthokeratology

Unlike laser vision correction, which requires a significant healing period and permanently alters patient vision, corneal reshaping therapy is entirely non-invasive and if you choose to discontinue the treatment, your eyesight will return to how it was before within just a few days. You may also hear of this treatment referred to as orthokeratology or ortho-k for short.